<![CDATA[High Five Liquidation - Journal]]>Tue, 05 Mar 2019 21:51:09 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Auction Review]]>Fri, 17 Aug 2018 15:55:40 GMThttp://shophigh5.com/journal/auction-review     The recent addition of auction Fridays has been a success! So much so, that management is now considering holding an auction every Friday night, though has not yet fully decided. Presently, auctions are held at High Five Liquidation store every first and third Friday each month, starting around 6:00 PM EST. There are quality items offered for bidding and a snack bar with with food and beverages! 
     If you'd like to see the type of items offered for bidding (bidding starts around $2), please see the "Shop" link on this site. Remember that the items vary each auction, but you'll often find: bicycles, coffee makers, microwaves, power tools, vacuums, fans, grills, chairs, etc. 
     Considering the popularity, I'd get there a little early. Doors open around 4:30 PM EST. The auctions tend to run from around 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM EST. Cash and credit accepted. Bring your friends and family! ]]>
<![CDATA[An Exciting Update!]]>Thu, 19 Jul 2018 00:02:11 GMThttp://shophigh5.com/journal/an-exciting-update
   The High Five Liquidation store in Terre Haute, Indiana, continues to grow and change according to the stock and needs of the community. The photo in this post shows boss Don working on an auction podium.... You read that right, AUCTION! From this week on, High Five Liquidation will be closed on Fridays, except on the first and third Friday of each month, when an auction will start around 6:00. The auctions are for items worth Much More than $5. Don't believe me? Look towards the bottom of the Shop link on this site for photos of examples of what will be auctioned: bicycles, microwaves, cookers, tools, patio furniture, etc. Don't worry, $.25 day has now moved to Thursdays with a chance to fill a paper bag for $1! Please visit this site for updates. 
<![CDATA[Interview with Co-Owner Big Mike]]>Wed, 18 Jul 2018 15:36:17 GMThttp://shophigh5.com/journal/interview-with-co-owner-big-mike​When did you first get the idea for the store?

It's been 4 months ago. It sounded like a good idea, we went for it. 

I understand this property became available first and now you're looking at maybe expanding into Vincenne's?

We're looking into expanding into Vinceene's because that's where I'm originally from, then maybe on to Evansville. 
I couldn't find anything in Vincenne's to do what I wanted at the time, so I came to Terre Haute, found this store.
It had a lot more room than what I needed, but I'm growing into it. It gave me the warehouse that I needed, so we moved up here
and made a go of it.

I understand you work with charities you bring food to the Charities you bring unsold items to charities?

Yes, our food items go to charities. We get a lot of different things, so that all goes.
Everything that we have left is donated to charities around the community.

I've noticed some changes around here. One of the big ones that's minor, but it makes a big difference, is a bin where you 
throw away the empty packages and empty boxes that you find. So what request would you make of the customers regarding this?

Well, we would like the customers to ask for assistance when it comes time to open the boxes, because a lot of boxes are 
getting opened up and parts fall out. At that point it's no good to that customer, it's no good to me or anyone else so it 
becomes instant junk. So if you're there at the bin, all we ask is just ask for assistance. We'll be glad to help you and that 
way it cuts down on the waste. We're bringing your good buys, good merchandise, but once it's opened and thrown the the cages 
then it becomes worthless. 

I see the improvements that are being made to the store. I understand you're looking at creating a retail section that'll 
be higher than $5, but less than Amazon?

We talked about that. I don't know how soon that's going to happen. We're working on the store withs more bins and more 
products until then.

What is most rewarding about running this kind of business?

It's a whole new concept. No one around here has ever seen anything like it. I've never seen anything like it other 
than in other parts of the country. It looked exciting! It draws a lot of people, a lot of interest. There are good buys.
There are so many things that makes this so rewarding! A lot of it is just watching the people that come in! 
Saturday morning we has a line waiting of around a hundred and fifty people. It's really nice to look out your door and know 
that your store is going to be full here at 9. I'm talking with people and they like to talk about it. We walk through the 
store trying to help everybody. 

Could you tell me about the family atmosphere here?

We all work that way. We'll take time out for the kids, entertain them. We know parents are here to you know the shop.
We can help take care of the kids, we don't mind. Kids pull stuff out of the Bins and show me the pictures, really creative!
Any advice for anyone wanting their own business?

Come talk to us about a franchise.
<![CDATA[Interview with Store Associates]]>Wed, 18 Jul 2018 15:34:01 GMThttp://shophigh5.com/journal/interview-with-store-associates​I'm here with two kind workers. May I have your names?

Andy and Dominick.  

How long have each of you been working here?

Both: Probably about a month.  

What is your favorite part of the job at least favorite part? 

Andy: Talking to everyone who comes through here, then dealing with all the trash that people don't want to pick up after themselves after they open the box, but it's part of the job.
Dominick: Helping all people look for things and the assortment ofstuff that we have and probably getting rid of the trash is my least favorite thing.

Now I've heard rumors that it's kind of a family atmosphere would you agree or disagree? 

Andy: I would strongly agree it's very family-oriented around here. Most people to who come through bring their family and friends.

Dominick: Yes, we have a big selection for kids, lots of toys, fidget Spinners, lots of phone accessories, tablets cases.

I've seen some of the improvements here and I know there are more coming. How do you feel about the store?

Andy: I think it's going to be here for a while, I really do. They're talking about trying to open other ones.

Dominick: It's been going great. They've just installed 4 or 5 shelves, got a bookcase now, a case for the glassware and as time goes on, it's just getting better, it's getting more organized 

Just as an inside scoop, do you guys get first dibs on things or no?

Andy: No, we get it to the customers first, then I get the end of the shift we might be able to go through it. 

Dominick: The customer always comes first. ]]>
<![CDATA[My thoughts]]>Mon, 02 Jul 2018 15:47:56 GMThttp://shophigh5.com/journal/my-thoughts
     High Five Liquidation store has been open for a while now. I was so impressed with it when I first visited, that I eagerly offered my assistance in any way to keep it going, despite the heat at the time. This is a unique shopping experience for the Terre Haute, Indiana area. Indianapolis, Indiana has Goodwill Outlets where you can search and collect items at deep discounts, but that is far away and the quality is often questionable (to say nothing of the smell).
     Now we have High Five here! These items are overstock and functional returns, there is no foul odor and there's cool air piped in now! They have also replaced the recycled cardboard bins with taller metal bins that are easier to search. There are also more improvements on the way! They will be painting the walls and are in the process of creating a retail section for higher end products. While these products will be more than $5 each, they will still be less than Amazon. 
   As an ex-librarian, I've been concerned about the books and multi-media in the bins, but shelves are being installed to ensure such items are properly cared for and presented. The same holds true for glass and ceramic items. 
     I can't resist shopping there at least once a week. There's always something new, something I missed. When I'm not shopping, I'm chatting with the friendly and helpful staff (like family) and taking photos for this site. You can also find and share store information on FaceBook and Twitter. 
     I try to update this site weekly in my spare time because I believe that this store is a blessing to Terre Haute, Indiana. The store donates food items and unsold items to local charities. High Five deserves to stay here. There are discussions of expanding into other Indiana cities, as many who have traveled to shop have expressed a desire for one closer to them. 
     I welcome any and all feedback. Feel free to leave a comment. Thank you. 
<![CDATA[Interview with Co-Owner Don G.]]>Thu, 21 Jun 2018 17:31:30 GMThttp://shophigh5.com/journal/interview-with-co-owner-don-g
Where did you get the idea for this?

I was sitting at home, watching the news about the big box stores complaining
about online sales. I started thinking what happened to the stuff when it comes back? Well, I found that most online sales are a one way system. They send the stuff out,
but when it's sent back, it totally messes them up. They don't know what to do.
They're not going to hire the labor to look through it. They're not going to spend
the money to warehouse it. It's not cost effective to send it back to the supplier,
so they throw them in big boxes and then we just buy out wholesale from them.
Why did you decide on this location?

It was kind of a fluke to come here. My partner Mike went to the VA hospital
(He's a veteran), and on his way back he just happened to see the store. We had 
looked originally at starting in Vincennes, but we couldn't find the real estate
we needed. We have since found one where the building is going to be our next store.
We found the real estate here, so this is home base.
What did you do before?

We were/are carnies (or carnival workers). I have a funnel cake, corn dog, fried Oreos, all the food you're not supposed to eat, wagon. Co-owner Mike has the snack wagon you see out front with the nuts and fudge. 
How is that going to play in with the store? What's happening with that?

That's our toy. When we have the time, we'll open it. Our grand kids and our kids
will operate it so they can benefit from the business.
You mentioned opening in Vincennes, do you have other locations also?

This is our first, but we're looking at Vincennes, Princeton, Evansville,
Bloomington, and Indianapolis.
I noticed that there's food comes in here. I understand that that is donated to charity?

We donate to soup kitchens, different churches for the charities.

After Friday at the end of the week stock what happens to that?

It also goes to charity. We move the bins to the back, take out the trash and any
broken items. We box up the rest and call the charity to come and pick it up.
I understand there are improvements occuring here? 

It's better everyday. We play a variety of music and air conditioning is being
piped in now. We have replaced the old bins with taller, more shallow bins for 
shopping convenience. Presently we are working on creating a retail section
in the store by Thanksgiving, at latest. This section will showcase items
that are higher end than can be sold for $5, but they'll be a greatly discounted
prices. You won't be able to match my prices anywhere else.
Any advice for those hoping to start their own business?

Find something you love and stick with it. Don't take no for an answer.
<![CDATA[Reviews:]]>Thu, 14 Jun 2018 02:55:36 GMThttp://shophigh5.com/journal/reviews

5/27: Samantha Rutherford: My grandparents and I thought this store was such a neat idea! I really hope you are able to open a store in Indianapolis. If so I’d definitely will be there often. ^-^
For those wanting to know the basics:
- great prices
- decent selection (you never know what you’ll find)
- super friendly staff that works with you to get a good deal
- testing station for electronics
- Building is hot when you go but understandable too. It’s worth the trip! Good exercise looking through the bins!

5/29: Beth Kleptz: I love digging for bargains! Left with 4 bags!
        Lisa Evans-Foltz: 2 dollar day was a huge success!!! I will definitely be back! Thank you for coming to Terre Haute!! My finds....solar lights, comforter, curling wand, clothes steamer, magnetic door screen and many much more!!!

5/31: Mike Regan: Great Store! You can find almost anything cheap as dirt! You must check it all out!!

6/1: Sussann Myers: I had no idea what to expect when I walked into you store this morning. My neighbor had told me about it and I was so happy I came along with her to shop. 25 cents day and boy, did we come home with some deals. This is the place for bargain hunters! I will be back and I am spreading the word about your store. I already have a friend wishing you had a store in Arkansas.

6/2: Paula Gray Allen: Went today and found a brand new prom dress, looked it up online and it’s a $159.00 dress. Great concept, friendly staff, will definitely be back!

         Stephanie Tyler: I couldn't believe the variety of items for the low cost!

6/3: Jatt Singh: Great prices, great services! Love the store!

6/5: Mandy Nacke: We shopped there today. Hoping to be back. We loved it! Found some great deals!
         Thera Jackson: If you like to dig through bins, you’ll love it! You never know what you’re going to find. The people are friendly. They’re getting the air conditioner fixed so the temperature won’t be “scorching hot”. If nothing else, just go to look.

6/9: Larry Evinger: Great People, great deals and great prices.

6/16: Sasha Nicole Vanke: I finally made it in tonight and I must say I LOVE this store! I personally like digging through bins and finding an awesome deal and this store is it! I wish there was at least one cart so I could keep my crazy kid corralled and dig with both hands (I could have shoved her in an IKEA bag but I strive to be a better mom than that) It's ok though I'll be better prepared for next time. 
Most definitely going to become a Saturday shopper!

6/23: Michael Hogan: We've been several times and we get different things Everytime. We will continue to come back. It's a rush finding bargains!

6/24: Cassie Lowery: My husband and I went in today with our youngest and definitely scored. We found over $100 worth of stuff for only $20. The staff was very friendly and helped entertain our little one while we were checking out, too. We will definitely be going back!

       Teresa Pruitt: Great finds the few visits we’ve made...look forward to many more trips!

        Nichole Julian: I go to this store about everyday and I absoulty love it.
6/26: Gail strong Akard:  Got some great deals!

7/9: Crystal Royer: It's a great place! I can't wait to go back there!

8/6: AJ Schell: My grandmother told me about this place today and said she loved it so we had to check it out ourselves!!! I was shocked when I walked in. I can't name a single place in town that has days like they do! They have $5 days, $3.00 days, $1.00 days, and 25 cent days!!!!! we managed to snag a cute diffuser for my daughters room for only $3.00 and I also got all kinds of new coombooks for my collection for $1.00 a piece! there is a little bit of something for everyone!!! We will definitely be checking them out every single week on restock day!!!!

8/13: Starlet Dewey Smith: Love the store, They also help out the church We go to.

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